Sunday, 11 June 2017

Alien: Covenant (2017) ...The other space suit

I could write words and put pictures like this up....
But really you should just go and watch this.......

And get it all from Mr Savage himself.


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  1. Its a very impressive suit,tho one thing I admired about the originals in alien was how simple they were,for instance they didnt even use a proper neck ring or locking system for the helmet,instead they used 3 or 4 plastic tabs with snap lock domes that bent upwards to retain the helmet and that was it,by comparison this one is super high tech and a masterpiece of engineering.
    I also stumbled across this its a vid of a beautiful replica of ripleys white helmet
    In addition I`ve found another suit and this one is from a show you havent blogged yet,its from Star Trek Voyager season 6 episode 12 titled Blink of an eye.Its a good story which involves voyager being trapped in orbit around a planet with severe time distortion where a second on voyager is equal to a day or more on the surface
    You can see the suits in this music vid