Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Suitography of the "Soldier" Spacesuits (1998 and onwards)

A modest start but you know there has to be more appearances of this suit out there
Soldier (1998)
Star Trek Voyager - Blink of an Eye (2000)  (Helmet)
Firefly (2002) (Helmet and Suit but separate)

See also Storm Catcher (1999) for origin of the yellow suit



  1. Just seen the latest star trek vid and its got a suit in it
    Theres also a short film from 2015 titled Vostok,heres a couple of pics and a making of vid with some suit pics but no luck so far in finding the actual film sadly.
    On a completely separate note I just watched the latest dr who episode featuring the return of the original cybermen,very awesome episode I thought,looking forward to the 2nd part.

    1. Ok,I`ve just found another very obscure one,its from a 1985 hungarian/canadian sf film Gyémántpiramis,as you would expect it looks to have a real 80s dr who/blakes 7 vibe going on,tho the beginning has people being roasted with flamethrowers! and of course the budget looks to have been a little larger,it also appears to have 3 different suits with one of them being the almost standard iron curtain gsh6
      And you can see the full thing here [16:26][53:20]
      I think its certainly worth a look just for how obscure it is.

  2. Helmets with top lights were built for "Soldier". Gold suits were from "Storm Catcher" Dolph Lundgren movie. Greenish brown suits with armoured plates are from "Soldier" as well.

    1. Well spotted sir,I`d always wondered if the soldier helmet belonged with that suit body and now its obvious it doesnt.
      I found some pix of the dolphster in the suit in question both with and without the helmet

    2. Indeed, thanks for that Chris. There is so much stuff out there I can't watch it all so I'm hugely reliant on people like yourself and Tim to set me straight and cast an eagle eye over my homework. Much appreciated and various posts have now been updated accordingly. Cheers