Sunday, 25 June 2017

Afronauts (2014)

Interesting sounding short film.  Go here to learn more.


  1. Its an interesting title.
    I`ve just remembered something that might be good for an update.I`d thought that there were no spacesuit scenes in Buck Rogers in the 25th century [1979],but there is in fact a short sequence with both buck and wilma in suits,rather cheap and nasty ones,exploring an alien derelict,this is in the first episode of the second season:Time of the hawk pt1,theres also a brief look at another suit worn by an injured alien on board the derelict which looks like it has the exact same helmet. [13:44-16:14]
    The whole sequence especially the acting is hilariously bad but as an 11yo I remember I took it all quite seriously at the time.

    1. flipping heck! I've had an image of those suits in the files for years and never been able to ID what it was from. Cheers for solving that. I posted a couple of Buck R suit in the past although they all look like variations of the same thing - thanks again another mystery solved