Saturday, 17 June 2017

Star Trek Voyager - Blink of an Eye (2000)

Voyager goes to investigate an M-class planet, discovering it is out of temporal sync with the surrounding galaxy. On this planet, time passes extremely rapidly compared to the rest of space. Voyager becomes trapped in the planet's gravitational field and is stuck....

I gave up on Star Trek Voyager long before this episode so thanks to Tim for pointing me towards it.  It actually looks quite interesting.
Update: Helmets are from Soldier (1998) and suits are from Storm Catcher (1999) - thanks you Chris


  1. I`ve just realised where this suit is from,the helmet is from the movie Soldier and the suit body was also used with the same helmet in firefly except in that show it was a yellowish color,in fact I think that the armor on the soldier suit could just be a type of body armor garment covering the plain brown suit body that we see here,anyway another mystery solved.

  2. Nice catch there Tim. I'll do; A Suitography for it soon