Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Dreaming - video Kate Bush (1982)

We already had a quick sneaky-peaky at an image from The Dreaming video the other weekend but here are some more snaps of the divine Kate Bush and more importantly, for the purposes of this blog, that suit.
Is it a spacesuit?  Well in this particular case that would depend on understanding the meaning of the video and the song and we probably shouldn't try to pin either down too specifically because the real answers probably lies somewhere between the artist's intent and our own interpretation.  Suffice to say that the suit has at times been a space suit, or a spacesuit's undergarments, or a cybernetic skin, or served other equally none specific but suggestive roles.  Follow the G-Suit link for what those are but until then ponder upon this.....



  1. It kind-of looks like the undersuits for Moon Two Zero were used for both Ashes To Ashes and The Dreaming, or at least the same model of g-suit was used.

  2. I heard a rumour that Kate was a massive Who/Cybermen fan and this is why she chose this outfit for the video but that could be rumour or legend.

    1. I think Kate is every bit the cultural Magpie and Fashion Chameleon as Bowie. They can both see into the zeitgeist like Neo can see into the Matrix!

  3. There's a Davros like character in an episode of Blake's 7 titled "Trailtor" that appears to be wearing something VERY similiar.