Saturday, 27 June 2015

Space 1999 (1973) Gallery of Art


and now in its original form....
Art by Mr John Bryne
And again...
 With more Bryne artworks viewable here.....

And for the Italian market the more traditional but inaccurate white coloured space suit...
Which actually looks quite good.



  1. I do recall, seeing a silver alpha-suit, in the episode, The Seance Spectre, which the Spazio 1999 poster could be representing, at a push.

  2. For the second season. two aluminized alpha-space suit were made
    used on "Brain the Space Brain" and "The Seance Spectre"
    I'm not sure they were reused in "The Exiles" as Anit contamination suits.

    no, there were not use as Fire fight suits in episodes
    "The Bringers Of Wonder part 1" and "Space Warp"
    those are real fire fight suits with Moonbase stuff on it.
    Like wise for "Anti contamination suit" in "Dorzak"
    that were same fire fight suits only modified.

  3. I watched them all when first aired on ATV back in the day but haven't seen them since then... until now. I have season one and this morning watched the episode with "Lovejoy" (Ian McShane) in, whilst doing the Sunday morning ironing. At this speed it could take me months to get through season 1. Its also a very ineffective way to iron as it takes way longer than it should do as I keep getting distracted by the sci-fi. No funny or odd space suits yet but I think I'm only on episode 9 or something like that.

    1. Whats interesting is that back in the first episode there are several shots of at least one suit without the bellows type neck peice but instead using a simpler fabric collar ,whats even funnier is that in some scenes they actually switch between the two on the same astronaut [3:57][4:44][20:26-20:34]

    2. yep, welcome to gerry anderson production
      that happen all the time at them
      If now orange neck piece on aluminized alpha-space suit on "Brain the Space Brain"
      or the problem on UFO space suits, were we plug-in the shower tube this time ?

    3. Theres also a different backpack on the suit in the Brian the space brain episode
      And heres a view from the front,notice the non silver section at the top of the visor,also I think the chest pack looks a little different