Saturday, 13 June 2015

High Moon (2014)

This was originally the pilot episode of a TV show that never made it into full production but was later resurrected as a TV movie

Set in the future where the countries of Earth have established colonies to mine the Moon's resources. When a new life form is discovered, chaos erupts as various factions race to uncover and exploit its powerful secrets.
It's got some fairly harsh reviews however I think I might find the time to give it a watch as it's based on John Christopher’s 1969 young adults novel The Lotus Caves and I'm something of a fan of the author's work.
Anyone out there who has seen this and wishes to stop me wasting my time, speak up now.

However good it may not be, I do like the look of these orange suits and their force field / special effect visors.  As well as a nod towards the 70's, there's something a bit Tintin about them



  1. Okay now I have to see this...Those suits look awesome and the idea is interesting. Any idea where I can see it.

    1. I watched a trailer on Youtube which looked brill. I thought I saw the whole thing on there as well.
      try this...