Monday, 29 June 2015

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983)

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone is an 80's film about a bounty hunter called Wolff, who goes on a mission to rescue three beautiful women who have made an emergency landing on a planet plagued with disease and ruled over by the evil dictator; Overdog.  Along the way he meets Niki, the only Earthling left from a medical expedition and combining their talents, the two try to rescue the women.

Here are those three beautiful women in their very odd spacesuits.

This all looks a bit Barbarella, where as most of it is actually Mad Max via Star Wars.  It's pure pulp done to a T but there is so much to enjoy about this film that it became something of a reoccurring favourite from the video rental store back in the day.



  1. I remember going to see this in glorious 3d at a late nite double feature with Battle beyond the stars,I`ve always really liked these suits,I think its because of the polished chrome and also the fact that they are completely impractical and really like nothing else I`ve ever seen.Maybe you should start a new category:The most avant garde spacesuit
    Heres a pic that made me laugh
    And I also found this suit pic for the italian War of the robots
    I also found another appearance of the Destination moon type suits this time from 1954s The rocket Man
    Whats interesting is that the toy helmet that the boy is wearing bares a resemblance to the helmet worn by the alien slavers in Robinson crusoe on mars
    And heres the alien from the movie,the chest controls look to be destination moon type but the rest of his suit isnt familiar to me

    1. I`ve just realised where I`ve seen the aliens helmet from,it bears a striking resemblance to the helmet Klaatu wears in The day the earth stood still,heres a comparison between them

  2. The lady on the right of the photo is actress/writer-producer Deborah Pratt, ex-wife of Donald Bellisario, mother of Troian Bellisario (who was named after a character Deborah played on Quantum Leap, produced by Donald and Deborah when they were married.
    BWT, Deborah was also the "voice" of Ziggy on Quantum Leap.

    1. Thanks very much Britt. We're always open to additional facts, thoughts and opinions round here.

  3. I love this movie more than anyone ought to and was lucky enough to catch it in 3D at a mid 90's 3D film festival at the BFI. Good times :)