Sunday, 7 September 2014

Otpokn Bo Bcenehhon (1974)

Otpokn Bo Bcenehhon, aka Teens in the Universe.  It's Russian I think.  After that you are on your own but if you find out anything good then come back and tell me.



  1. it's part to Two Soviet Sci-fi movies

    in first part Москва — Кассиопея (1973)
    The USSR get Message from star Alpha Kassiopea, it's cry for help
    The start ship Zarya is launch, manned with Teens
    with trip of several years, the crew would be adults on arrival.
    but one do a problem, the Photo Drive push Zarya faster as speed of light

    Second part Отроки во вселенной (1974)
    Arrive Zarya to soon at Alpha Kassiopea and it's crew still are Teens.
    Too late realize the Crew the danger at landing on planet.
    Robots have take over the local Civilization.

    It's one my favored Soviets Sci-Fi movies next to
    The Andromeda Nebula
    Per Aspera Ad Astra (part 1&2)
    and East German Sci-Fi movies.

    1. Thank you so much for that, Michel. I think it's something of a crime, in this day and age, that the Soviet and East German sci-fi is still not better known.