Thursday, 11 September 2014

Alien - A VERY BIG Gallery (1979)




  1. Always loved the design for these suits, with the nice touches of the armored shoulder pads and such. Thanks for posting these pics and Ripley in underwear of course. Hard to believe that ALIEN is 35 years old...same age as my wife. I recently rewatched this film on DVD with the extended footage, and it is a masterpiece that while copied many times, it has never surpassed.

  2. It must be due a re-watch round our way soon. Did Aliens a couple of weeks ago, extended version. Which still stands up well.

  3. those Space Suits are stuff of Legends
    Fact is there were design by Moebius aka Jean Giraud
    he work only few days in the production mostly on costumes and second Alien Space wreck design.

    Those two drawings of Suit were used by John Moilo
    Who a made medidieal japanese armor approach and used look,
    So like the Suit were second hand items.
    in total seven suits were made 6 EVA and "White Knight" suit wear by Ripely during killing the Beast
    3 of EVA suit were made for Children to use on Landing-leg scene, so it's look gigantic

    but the filming was nightmare for Actors, they getting hot inside suits and passing out in it.
    while Scott was filming during one of Hottest Summers in Britain. (notice the moister in inside of helmet.)

    Adam Savage build one autentic suits with original parts and used on Comic con
    but let explains him self

  4. I did a piece about a year ago about the laser pistols that the actors carried...a long lost piece of the puzzle of ALIEN

    1. That is mystery about ALIEN
      There several official picture of that Handgun

      Why were those things not used in Movie ?
      First the incident with Face hugger blood make clear "NOT SHOOT THE ALIEN"
      Second this movie would quick over if Crew can kill the Beast fast with that Gun.
      More on that Here

  5. Oddly, Future War Stories is my blog! Thanks for the mention, mate!

    1. I was going to ask you to post a direct link, William but I see its been covered already. Its always a nice moment when someone quotes you back to yourself.