Thursday, 11 September 2014

Land of the Lost (2009)

Land of the Lost is a 2009 science fiction comedy film loosely based on the 1974 Sid and Marty Krofft TV series of the same name.
I've never seen it so I can't comment.  Almost certain the original TV series never made it over to Blighty either.  Anyone care to comment a thought or two.



  1. Ahh low budget 70s kids tv,I Watched the original tv show as a kid back in the late 70s and liked it,the movie on the other hand sucked

  2. The original show was fairly straight forward children's sci-fi show with the usual focus on family values as the heroes struggled to survive in the strange pocket dimension they were trapped in and find their way back to Earth. Fairly good production values for a 70's Saturday morning kids show. The movie has really almost nothing to do with the original except the names and barest link of setting. If it was intended to be a parody of the original it fails miserably and mostly serves (or not) as a vehicle for the comedian playing the lead role of the father. The writers had no feel for the original or even their own poor reflection of it. If you have to choose between the two definitely go for the original TV series and skip the movie.

  3. The original series had fairly good production for a kids live action show.
    Season 1 episode 16: Hurricane features a high altitude pilot/astronaut being drawin into the lost world. His suit though is fairly simple parachutist type suit and helmet. That is the only astronaut appearance I can remember.

    There was also a short lived remake series in the 90s.

    The Will Farrel movie is horrible.

    1. Just watched it on Youtube. You right, nothing worth scanning and blogging there. Thanks anyway, Omega