Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fantastic Four (1994)

Roger Corman's unreleased super hero movie based on the Marvel Comics characters.  It's part stinker and part valiant attempt.  Ultimately its a big old fail but then I'd argue that the two later versions don't quite hit the spot either.  We'll probably get a reboot sometime soon but until then let us feast upon four fantastic shiny space suits... that look a lot like fire safety outfits to me.



  1. I`d actually completely forgotten about this one as well tho` I do remember some of the hype about this back in the early/mid 90`s but then it just vanished without a trace and looking at it I can see why.The suits look like part fire suit and the helmets look like motorcycle helmets,looking at this I suspect most of the money went on the things costume and dr dooms armor.There were two other low budget films based on marvel heroes from around the same time,the punisher and capt america and they were both awful

    1. I've seen both. They've come a long way since those days!

    2. Yes they have,its funny how long its taken marvel to get its characters to the big screen.I can remember watching the spiderman movies back in the 70s and thinking how cool they were tho`

    3. Me to but what used to bother me the most, more than the same stock footage used over and over again was the lack of super villains. Batman had a different one every week, all mad and colourful and spider-man just had bank robbers and the occasional ninja. Same with the hulk TV show.

  2. unreleased ?
    Hell no, It's on youtube !

    1. Well unreleased in the sense that I don't believe its ever been officially sold to TV or put out on video, DVD or Blue Ray. Which is not the same as saying its unavailable because its clearly snuck out somehow. I saw it on a dodgy video back in the day which was about the same rough arse quality as the version on Youtube. That's where the images are from. And Gods bless Youtube for being chock full of all sorts of things that have never been officially released.

    2. It was never given an official release,indeed the story goes that it was made so that the holders of the movie rights would not lose their option,so in order to keep those rights a movie had to be made but it was just never seriously planned to release it,sadly from the sound of it most of the people involved didnt seem to know this,another story was that since the film was just so bad and would cheapen the brand marvel paid for the film and then ordered the prints destroyed,its one of these stories were everyone involved has their own version of the truth

    3. Why this Movie was NEVER released.is hysterical story:
      The movie rights were bought, by German Bernd Eichinger in 1983 from Stan Lee.
      Eichinger got problem to get production 4F financed.
      and his option for the movie rights on 4F would expire on December 31, 1992.
      while date came close and closer, Warner and Columbia make first offer on the rights.

      Eichinger had a brilliant idea, make low-budget movie version and so keep the rights longer.
      So he pay Roger Corman for one million dollar production.
      After Oley Sassone finish the Movie, Eichinger inform him that this movie never gonna be released.

      it took Eichinger 10 years to get a big-budget movie version in 2005 and it's sequel in 2007.
      after Eichinger death in 2011, the rights for 4F were bought by 20th Century Fox.
      what happen with 1994 production is still unclear the original are still in hand of Eichinger family.

    4. Cheers Tim. Cheers Michel.