Sunday, 10 August 2014

Trapped in Space (1995)

After an accident during a routine trip to Venus, a spaceship has only enough oxygen left for three people, unfortunately there are five on board.  Trapped in Space is a based on the Arthur C. Clarke short story Breaking Strain.

I stumbled over this on TV the other day but watched only a few minutes as it was already part way through.  It looked OK so I'll catch it next time around.
It's good to be back


  1. I quite like this flick, there are a few rough edges but it's a decent drama. I get a feeling it's been abbreviated, either through imposed constraints or budget concerns. Consequently there're some hiccups in the script and performances but other than that it monkeys around with a few stereotypes and dramatic conventions to good effect.

    1. Hi DSE, I will give it a good viewing next time its on.