Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dolphins in Space - A Gallery

We've already looked at these two separately but there's more and all rather fantastic.
Dolphins in Space by Richard J Bartrop (????)

Voyager Found by Rick Sternbach (2003)
Aldo Spadoni (2008)


  1. the title for dolphins finding voyager is called "Voyager Found"

    Rick Sternbach on that work
    "Imagine a combined human-dolphin crew heading out to find Voyager 1 and bring it home to the Smithsonian. Imagine their surprise when they discover the gold "greetings from Earth" record and playback stylus are -gone-. Their ship is not a true interstellar spacecraft, but the precursor of one; a far extrasolar explorer powered by early laser-induced fusion engines. I'd send dolphins to do EVA only if they want to go; we do 3D moves pretty well; maybe they do them better."