Monday, 18 August 2014

2001 - A Space Odyssey - Behind the scenes. (1968)

Just a great picture.  Not quite behind the scenes in the usual sense.  From what I can find out, this is a test shot of one of the primitive men from the films opening scene before Stanley decided he wanted something even more primitive and less evolved.  Definitely the correct decision but what an image.


  1. Oh dear i posted that picture several months ago in Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum
    i found it several years ago in now offline 2001 webpage.

    On ape man on right
    That was original ape design for movie, but MGM had there problem with nudity
    So Kubrick went for hairy ape design

    1. That's what I'd read. I think it's featured in the new very expensive Tashen book. It's just a great picture though, regardless of being from 2001. The Ape man meets the spaceman, the past shakes hands with the future. It's a pleasing image

  2. There is interesting anecdote about 2001 space suits
    They were design by Harry Lange and one of few concept not change by Kubrick.
    The suits were build by British firm P.Frankenstein and Sons Ltd.
    They build before movie, some prototype spacesuit for British RAF.