Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bob Eggleton - Gallery III

Three more from Bob, an amazing artist of spacemen and many other things beside.  Check out his work by dropping his name into a search engine of your choice. The bottom picture is particularly interesting for being our first dolphin in a space suit...although not our last.
In the Beginning by Robert Silverberg (2006)
Subterranean US hardcover


  1. I`ve just remembered another one,its 1967s Yongary, Monster from the Deep,but all I could find were a couple of pics
    11:25 - 17:00
    Also my favorite dolphin in space pic would be the one from the cover of Future Life #17 way back in 1980$(KGrHqJ,!jIE4reKUEGrBOPwRff4Zw~~0_12.JPG

    1. Yongary is new to me, thanks, I've found a couple of ok pics from YouTube Future Life has been in the files for a while and it is a great image.
      I'll blog both in a second or two

  2. gurps UPLIFT is first edition from 1990