Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Suitography of the "Men into Space" Spacesuits (1959 and onwards)

This is turning out to be the most recycled of space helmets/suits.  I've blogged some and I keep finding more so I'm going to start keeping a list, which I will l update as we go along.  Feel free to point out any I've missed.

Men Into Space (1959)  TV Show
The Phantom Planet (1961)  Film
Sea Hunt - The Aquanettes (1961)  TV Show
Moon Pilot (1962)  Film
The Lucy Show - Lucy Becomes an Astronaut (1962)  TV Show
The Twilight Zone - Death Ship (1963) TV Show
The Outer Limits - The Man who was Never Born (1963)  TV Show
The Outer Limits - Cold Hands, Warm Heart (1964)  TV Show
The Outer Limits - Moonstone (1964)  TV Show
The Outer Limits - The Invisible Enemy (1964) TV Show
Chrysler Presents a Bob Hope Comedy Special (1965)  TV Show
Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster (1965)  Film
Sergeant Deadhead (1965)  Film
The Outer Limits - The Premonition (1965)  TV Show
The Outer Limits - Specimen Unknown (1965)   TV Show
Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea - The Silent Saboteurs (1965)  TV Show
It's About Time (1966)  TV Show
The Perils of Pauline (1967)  Film
El Planeta de las mujeres invasoras (1967)  Film
Gigantes Planetarios (1967)  Film
Night Gallery - Nature of the Enemy (1970) TV Show
The Lawrence Welk Show - The Tap Dancing Astronaut (1975) TV Show
Star Wars: A New Hope - Part 2 - (1977)  Film
Penthouse - October 1978 - Lust in Space (1978) Magazine
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)  TV Show
Salvage 1 - Golden Orbit (1979) TV Show
Heavy Metal (1981)  Film
Laverne & Shirley - Lost in Spacesuits (1982)  TV Show
Kids Incorporated - NASA Space Week (1984)  TV Show
The Sure Thing (1985)  Film

Bill Dana - José Jiménez - Gallery (????) TV Show


  1. You forgot Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster

    1. Cheers. Didn't even clock it in the labels

  2. Theres also The Steve Allen Show where bill dana wore it in some of his skits,and not to be a nit picker but shouldnt star wars be part 4

    1. The part 2 was in reference to a 2nd of a two part post, not the episode although out of context here in the list it does look a bit confusing.

    2. I've already done that one but forgot to link it - Bill Dana - José Jiménez - Gallery.

  3. Add the movie "The Sure Thing" 1985 to the list. One of the suits is hanging on a coat rack in Walter 'Gib' Gibson's (John Cusack) dorm room.

    1. I'll take your word for it...and blog asap. Could only grab fleeting images from off of the Youtube but it looks probable. Is their a story involved in it being there?
      I really liked that film when I watched it on video. Does it still stand up now?

  4. Just watched it last night, No explanation just kind of hanging there I could get a screencap if you want. As for it holding up, typical 1980's movie better than some.

  5. Love the "SUITOGRAPHY"! I'm looking for any of the original helmets if anyone knows where I might locate one. I had the kid's toy helmet, lunchbox, comic and board game as a kid and loved them all. I'm working on making a replica of the suit for a Convention and am looking for the helmet so I don't have to build one from scratch. BTW, don't forget the suits were used in "I Dream of Jeannie" + "It's About Time" Thanks, Larry

  6. Hi Larry, Sorry I can't help but lets see if anyone else can. Anyone ? Guessing it won't be cheap.
    "It's about time" is in the list already hidden away in the middle (1966). The "I dream of Jeannie" suits/helmet that I've blogged so far look different, or the pictures are too small to be sure. Can you give me an idea of where they appeared in the seasons?