Saturday, 29 March 2014

Titan Find (1985) .....still looking

It's been too many years since I watched this film; free tickets at the local cinema on first release so I'm guessing almost 30 of them, or near enough.   I remember little other than being singularly unimpressed at the time and as such I made no effort to watch it again on video or DVD.  However I am developing a minor fixation with it now, which will probably result in a second viewing sometime soon.  The cause of this mini-obsession is of course the spacesuits and helmets and more specifically, identifying their origins.  They are as featured below, identified as helmets 1, 2 & 3
Helmet 1

Helmet 2

Helmet 3
Helmet 1 is clearly 2001 inspired but I'd love to know where they came from or if they were made for this film or another ?
Helmet 2 is intriguing with shades of Star Wars Stormtrooper about it but beyond that I'm lost other than the feeling I've seen it before. 
I'm also curios as to why the two images I've found of it, are from publicity material rather than the actual film.  Is it a deleted scene? (Much like this image from the infamous Cantina afterhours lock-in scene from A New Hope)
Helmet 3 has already been identified as being the same design as was featured in The Andromeda Strain. As spotted by eagle-eyed blog follower SWGhostbuster.

Any thoughts and ideas from readers are more than welcome and I'll update the post accordingly


  1. Helmet #2 is seen in the movie, briefly, I believe it is meant to represent the aliens that the "find" previously belonged to.

  2. Don't know if you've heard it's being released on DVD, in a package put together by director William Malone with lots of goodies...

  3. Original US titel is "Creature"
    Director/producer William Malone, a sci-fi fanatic,
    owns a collection from Sci-fi movie, like "Forbidden Planet" items.

    1. Of which I was aware and which with your little reminder leads me to certain thoughts in my latest post on Don Post Masks 1977. See what you think. And thanks.