Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Tripods - Series 2 (1985)

 Not such a big fan of this show although I am a massive fan of John Christopher, author of the original books on which the BBC TV series was based.  Good old Aunty Beeb only managed to get two thirds of the way through the trilogy before giving it up as a bad dull thing.  They should probably have another crack at it now that technology is more up to the job but then again if it turned out to be only half as witless as their last attempt at Day of the Triffids, then they perhaps shouldn't bother.

So that was me not really talking about spacesuits, showing pictures of things that are not really spacesuits but seriously recommending that you read the adult fiction, and to a lesser extent the children's fiction, of  John Christopher.

Keeping you all on your toes..


  1. hello I'm a your new fallower :-) I love your blog
    Greetings from Italy

  2. Hello. I saw that you were and looked at your blog. Very cool

  3. I never saw any of these, can't recall why. The BBC giving up before it was finished seems like it would annoy so it's probably just as well. Maybe they had a look at the special effects budget the final book would require?

  4. I'm not familliar with this series (will check out the books, though), but it's always frustrating when a programme gets cancelled without wrapping up. I'm put in mind of Lars Von Trier's "The Kingdom" (the basis for Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital")--series two ended with all kinds of unfinished business but two of the lead actors died before series three could be filmed. It was (quite rightly, I must say) decided that it would be improper to recast the rolls as these actors were legendary icons in Denmark where the series was made. I didn't see the U.S. version (not much of a Stephen King fan), though I understand he included concepts from Trier's unproduced third series so it might be worth a look. On the other hand he added a narrator who us a giant armadillo...

  5. Heres a nice one from Antonio Margheriti or Anthony M. Dawson if you prefer,its from Assignment:Outer Space.I`ve always thought of this and Battle of the Worlds as unofficial parts of the Gamma One quadrilogy
    and heres another skulls in space from Riders to the Sky
    and heres a man in suit from the same film

  6. Cheers Tim, already got bothe films in the pending file. In fact I thought I'ld already done Assignment Outerspace, but apparently not.

  7. I just remembered this one,its a short film called Last Flight
    The helmet could be from a ussr aeronautical pressure suit,I saw one that looked a lot like it on ebay,actually I just found some shots of it on this page
    You can view the film here

  8. This was in the files already. Has been since they started making it however I didn't realise it was now finished - what a great little film. I'll do them a blog and spread the word