Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pluto Nash (2002)

The Adventures of Pluto Nash, so they say, is not very good.  Apparently it cost a lot of money and made very little back.  All of this information is very new to me.  I can't remember everything about 2002 but I have no memory of this ever doing the rounds at the cinema, or turning up on video (DVD?) after, or popping up on the telly a little after that.  Once again I throw it open for you, the blogwatchers, to let me know if it sucks as bad as they say or if it's worth a butchers at some point should opportunity arise.



  1. It's available for £1-34 with free Post off of Amazon. worth a punt? or should I worry about never being able to get the time back.

    1. You could always recycle it as a xmas gift for your least favourite nephew

  2. All my nephews are nieces so I'ld have to charity shop it rather than suffer that look that girls give you when you try to show them that sci-fi is cool.
    Have you seen this film then, should it be gifted as a way to punish unlikable relatives ? Is that all its good for?

    1. Sorry, can't say I've seen it. It just seems to be really unappealing. I'm not really a Murphy fan and the promotional stuff I have caught looks tired.

  3. Has anyone read this?
    just remembered the suit from arnies total recall
    The lost in space suit was auctioned off a couple of years back
    Heres another one from mr allen
    And heres a picture of one of the suits from the soviet Andromeda Nebula

  4. And heres a crazy one an Egyptian SF film from 1959!,there are a couple of shots of the suits here
    And heres one for the skulls in space
    And there are some shots of the suits from the mexican Conquistador de la luna

  5. Heres War between the planets
    Toto sulla luna
    Raumpatrouille:Die Phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion
    Nude on the moon

  6. Thanks Tim, I've just blogged a few of those, mainly the ones that were new to me, the rest are films I know about already that are sitting in my files waiting for a turn. An excellent effort though, some wonderfully obscure stuff, for which I thank you.

  7. I`m glad to be of help.It was that book that got me going looking for info on some of the films mentioned in it and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found

  8. Pluto Nash fot a lot of press here in the U.S.--all of it bad! It was generally considered the last nail in the coffin for Eddie Murphy's career, and his output since seems rather more to have confirmed this than not. Still if I were VERY bored and feeling adventurous (read: mildly masochistic) I might give it a go. It's got a very colourful pallette, anyway, which is rather rare for science fiction. Maybe there's at least a bit of eye candy there.

  9. I to will watch naff films for just one good scene, or design or even a nice pallette. (I watch Classic Star Trek for the pretty 60's colours)but I look at the stack of DVD's sitting here waiting to be viewed and Pluto Nash just isn't calling to have me add it to the pile. I watched Danger Diabolik last night which has enough eye candy to last for several weeks, primarily in the form of Marisa Mell. Thanks for the confirmation about Nash's rep

  10. Speaking of visually interesting I recently watched "Shock Treatment," a sort-of sequel The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was VERY surprised at what a great movie it turned out to be. Rocky Horror is such a hunk of fluff and, without the benefit of an audience shouting comments at the screen, really not a very good film. Shock Treatment was better in every way--story, music, acting, design--and decades ahead of its time thematically. It's kind of a minor masterpiece--a true work of art--and not at all what I expected. I've actually watched it three times because there's so much going on.

  11. I remember a feature in starburst magazine when it came out and have never caught sight of the film since. You've made me curious.

  12. I had no expectations going in, but the first shot--a sweeping, complex and uninterrupted 3 minute take--made me pay attention. I knew immediately these people knew what they were doing. It's also just amazing it was made in 1980. Richard O'Brien looked at television and celebrity culture and extrapolated a world that is eerily dead-on for what we have 30+ years later.

  13. It has it's good parts and a lot of bad parts. Still it's in my rotation. Most people take the film too serious, reminds me of futurama.