Thursday, 16 May 2013

Journey To The Moon (1959)

Rehla Ilal Kamar or Journey To The Moon as it is better known round our way, is an Egyptian film from 1959.  It's said to be something of a take on Abbot and Costello Go to Mars although it drifts away to slightly darker places towards the end.  Beyond that, you are on your own to go and explore the deeper merits and entertainments offered in such  as this.

But still; spacesuits from Egyptian cinema....who would have thought it!
Thanks for the find, Tim.


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  1. This film looks like something from 1939,not 1959,especially in comparison with its contemporaries like Forbidden Planet or Nebo Zovyot[The Sky Calls] and that robot looks like its stepped out of a flash gordon serial,but still the very idea of an Egyptian SF film from 1959 is pretty mind blowing