Thursday, 16 May 2013

Nude on the Moon (1961)

Nude on the Moon is a degrading and shocking exploitation of the female-form that repeatedly exposes the most obvious of the lady-bumps purely to titillate (tee-hee) and turn a cheap profit....

However that's not going to stop me covering it here.

Never seen it.  Probably never will but according to Wikipedia;

Nude on the Moon is a 1961 sexploitation film co-written and co-directed by Doris Wishman and Raymond Phelan under the shared pseudonyms "O. O. Miller" and "Anthony Brooks". The film was produced in 1960 but was not released theatrically until 1961. Doris Wishman went on to become a significant filmmaker and noteworthy director of sexploitation movies. Wishman is also credited as the film's co-producer.

That's it now, nothing more to see.  Move along.



  1. While it's interesting to see a alternative approach to science fiction, I think the attention to detail here is little deficient. I'm pretty sure that Acetylene bottles strapped to the back are insufficient life support and I think also detect a visible gap between the helmet and suit.

  2. You could be right. It's a shame really that they let themselves down there, because as a piece of speculative fiction it was otherwise bang on the money.

  3. I've always watched to the see the famed Coral Castle...but now, I want to see it more since there are naked moon maids running around! Nice job on this one...I guess we now know why we MUST return to the Moon.

  4. I`m a little surprised that you havent featured the suits from the second series of the tripods,altho` not technically a "space" suit they do look space suit-ish

  5. Cheers for the nudge. There's still quite a number of spacesuits I haven't covered yet let alone things that are not quite spacesuits...however, its a quick fix and its not like its the first post to go out under the label. I do like the helmets and what surprises me is that they didn't seem to pop up anywhere else afterwards. Consider it blogged.

  6. Available for free at

    In addition to using Coral Castle as a set, the helmets are "Men Into Space" toys. Note the USAF symbol on the second from the top.