Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Sea of Perdition (2006)

The Sea of Perdition is short film by director; Richard Stanley.
 It follows a lone astronaut exploring the Martian landscape who......  Actually its not much more than about 8 minutes in duration so you should probably just go and find out for yourself.   It's available on YouTube as well as a number of other places and  it really is well worth a little look.
I've been a Richard Stanley fan since catching Hardware on VHS back in the day and his follow up; Dust Devil (The directors cut) is a work of dark art.  After that it all went a bit wrong and Richard became a semi obscure all be it well respected cult figure.
Somebody should probably give him a big fat cheque and a movie script  to direct but in the meantime his film shorts are more than worth the cost of admission.  Well done, Sir.  More please.  Many, many more.



  1. Hardware was a great little film that I enjoyed, especially seeing Lemmy from MOTORHEAD has the water-cab driver!

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  3. Heres probably the oldest on screen pressure suit/space suit from 1918s Himmelskibet - A Trip to Mars
    And Satellite in the Sky
    I could only find a couple of suit shots from this
    And Destination Space
    And heres an interesting auction piece

  4. Heres two from 1955s King Dinosaur
    A grizzly shot from Mission Mars
    Heres a couple more from the same
    And the cover from Murder in Space
    Time magazine:mission to mars cover
    Total Recall mars suits
    Space Patrol[1966]
    Giants and toys[1958]
    The X from Outer Space

  5. Cheers Tim, Nice big list there. Most of these are in the To do list but you've found me some nice reference pictures to uses. If I don't get round to it sooner, I'm planning a big blog session in August where I'll hopefully get all of these out there and clear the files a little. Cheers

  6. This is an interesting selection
    Found some good pics of one of the 2001 suits
    And theres also this one from Star Trek Wrath of Khan,I suppose it might not technically be a "space" suit but its pretty close
    And I always liked these ones from Spacehunter because they just looked so different,not to mention impractical but cool none the less