Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Adventures of Don Quick (1970) Gallery

As some kind soul has recently uploaded episode one of The Adventures of Don Quick onto You Tube we can now all have a little look at what has been lost and almost forgotten for quite some time.  We can also have ourselves a little gallery of images.

The episode is called The Benefits of Earth and should be viewable via the link below.  It's the only known episode to still exist and having just watched it I have to say that although its a little overlong it's otherwise very enjoyable.  I would love for the rest of the episodes to turn up some day but at least we still have this one.  Enjoy.



  1. I have no memory of this from back in the day but it was everything I thought it would be.. It's almost a little bit Barbarella at times. I do love 70's TV, the look and colours, the pace and the experimental ideas. It's a real loss if the other 5 episodes are gone for good. What did you think.

    1. My recollections were so hazy it was like watching it for the first time but it just so evocative of the period and really brings the flavour of the 70's back. Things like the way the scenes are played without edits, using multi camera cuts, a hangover from the live broadcast practice but it gives the production a kind of immediate feel to it. You're right, it's a real shame this all that remains of the show and the early 70's were a time of real experimentation and innovation. What surprised me was the humour and subtlety of the script, the satire is quite dark, especially at the end. My chief recollection of the series is actually a publicity still of a strident female in costume that caused quite a stir at the time, i think that must've been the cause of the controversy I recall. I couldn't really see anything risque in this episode except maybe one close up of the robot, that could've been enough though to get the NV&LA on the phone to LWT. Anyway lets keep our fingers crossed and hope some more material of this show surfaces.

  2. Thanks for the share!

    Here's a link on my blog to the theme music if yer interested:

  3. Cheers, I had already been over there and seen it but anyone else reading this should go and check out Mr Primates rather wonderful blog

  4. The helmets from UFO again!
    Wasn't 1970 the middle of the production of UFO?

  5. Hi Portland 182, Yes I was thinking about that and wondering if this meant they aired in Don Quick before being seen on TV in UFO. If I can recall my own research, I believe I decided that they must have been seen in Doomwatch prior to UFO as well. I seem to remember the break was forced on them due to a studio move, just odd that they decided to pimp them out at least twice in the gap after all they might not have got them back. Another thought open for discussion is if the suits seen in Don Quick might be from Doctor Who Ambassadors of Death, with slight modification. That was in production at the same time.

  6. Found a front,back and side view of the Ambassadors of death suits,the helmet appears to be a Moon Zero Two,but I cant say if the suit is the same as Don Quicks,tho` the hoses look to be the same sort as used on the ufo shado suits

  7. Cheers Tim. Still not sure myself, even having looked at your pictures and others. The thought occurred simply from the fact that the helmets are so clearly recycled at this period. I guess the suits could just share a design