Tuesday, 15 January 2013

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Happy New Year

Just to let you all know there's new stuff coming just as soon as Blogger have sorted out the image upload problem.  Posts have been prepared, there's just not much point in them without the pretty pictures



All sorted now, Cheers Blogger Tech-folk



  1. While Blogger is free, it can be a rather harsh master (Skynet anyone?. I've run into an issue last year were some of text would go white, and I had to edit the code to reverse it. A real pain in the arse, especially if you didn't edit the code properly, and blogger wouldn't accept it. Good luck , hopefully, the gods of google will be soon gracious.

  2. I thought is was me being a twonk for a while but its them and its been like it for a week or so but they have their best people on it apparently. I'm sure they'll get there soon enough

  3. That remains of the line from Raiders of the Lost Ark...
    "We got our top men on it."
    "Top. Men."

  4. hello, i discovered your blog today, it looks great, i'm gonna explore it.
    do you have any ideas from which movie this could be from http://oi46.tinypic.com/rhn8fd.jpg ?

  5. Hi stephane, glad you like the blog. Sorry I've no idea what image is from, although it occures it could be an advert rather than a movie. I'll throw it open to some of the blog regulars who clearly know their sci-fi in all its forms