Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mechte Navstrechu (1963)

Mechte Navstrechu is another one of  those Russian films which was bought by Roger Corman and given a western edit and dub.

For those keeping a track on this chop-shop movie-making process, Corman purchased the US and UK rights to Nebo Zovyot (1960)  THE SKY IS CALLING which became BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN.  Planeta Bur (1962)  PLANET OF STORMS which became VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET and VOYAGE TO THE PLANET OF PREHISTORIC WOMEN. As well as Mechte Navstrechu (1963) A DREAM COME TRUE or ENCOUNTER IN SPACE which is probably better known over this way as Queen of Blood (1966) or occasionally Planet of Blood.  And I'm reliably informed that Queen of Blood contains a little bit of the first two Russian films as well.

Now while this may not be very respectful to the originals, their creators or the fine art of cinema in general, it did give us a glimpse of some amazing film making which might not have otherwise come to our attention.  And now that the Iron Curtain is down and the Internet is up and running, we can seek out and appreciate the originals for their truly wonderful craftsmanship and vision and acknowledge that it was every bit as good if not better than the stuff coming out of the west at the same time.



  1. I wonder how they explained away those cccp labels in the anglicized version. That last shot is particularly impressive, I really like that woman in the space suit too, I suppose she's the Queen of Blood?

  2. I believe she is the titular Queen of Blood. Quite who she is in the Russian version, I've yet to find out. I think these things weren't just a re-dub but a re-construction of the plot. And Somebody did some very good copies of the helmets or they bought the originals along with the film stock because apart from the give away CCCP, you almost can't tell them apart.

  3. This is a case where both versions are distinct entities and both are pretty good. The original is really rather closely paralleled until the alien ambassador is recovered. The difference is that the original is nearly over when the recovery occurs, but "Queen of Blood" has a half hour of the trip home to go at that point. "Queen of Blood" is actually rather creepy, with that strange green vampire woman stalking her sleeping or hypnotized prey aboard a spaceship. Granted, it's a rather spacious, and sparsely appointed spaceship...
    As for the CCCP logo; they pretty much cut around any closeups of the original, saving the medium and long shot shots, which include the cool sfx. The spacesuits sure do look alike.

    1. thoughts appreciated thingmaker.