Thursday, 27 December 2012

Star Trek: The Tholian Web (1968)

Is it?  Isn't it?
Technically perhaps not but as a kid watching this on TV it was definitely a space suit and it's very cool in a mad 60's way so it's in



  1. One of my favorite spacesuits, mainly because of its unique design (esp. that groovy/helmet faceplate combo) and rarity (used only on one episode).

  2. It's a true work of style over practicality and joy to behold.

  3. These suits are interesting because they seem bespoke for each cast member. I like the solution to misting, ie the fine metallic gauze but the helmet is the part that kinda bothers me most, it's suffers from tunnel vision although not bad as the later cyberman helmet from classic dr. who. They're a big improvement over the orange flat packs in visual appeal and must have been quite expensive.

  4. Ivan, it was actually used in two episodes: The Tholian Web, and Whom Gods Destroy. The helmet and chest plate had a cameo appearance as part of a Halloween costume in a Mork and Mindy episode.

    DeadSpiderEye, you're right that it does create a bit of tunnel vision. My friends made a replica for me more than twenty years ago, and it did cut off some peripheral vision. However, your head is nearly touching the screen (I used to scratch an itching nose on the brass screening we used), so peripheral vision is not quite as bad as you would think. Still, with limited peripheral vision and no way to turn your head, it's not hard to sneak up on a person wearing one of these. [grin]

  5. It seems to have really bad visibility and then I was thinking how much peripheral vision the averge space helmet gives and I figure its not much more. Unless you have one of those nice 50's fish bowl style things. I figure it looks worse than it is....while being strangely, quite a cool design.

    And I am going to blog that Mork and Mindy image quite soon. I like to salute a bit of recycling over here.

    Thanks for all the comments folks and keep chipping in with your thoughts and observations.

  6. take a look of the suits in the new adventures of the classic trek; the episodes are really wonderful, a delight for any trek fan