Thursday, 6 December 2012

Futureworld (1976)

Futureworld is the sequel to Westworld so you want to like it but its not good.  It's also the worst kind of sequel in as much that it cheapens and damages the original by association so we should probably just pretend it never happened.
All that said it's been a good twenty years since I last saw it and formed that opinion so if anybody wants to tell me I'm wrong and why its much better than I remember, I'm all ears..or should that be eyes.



  1. Watch out for the early example of computer animation, Ed Catmull's animated hand, which I believe was the first object digitized and animated. Pretty impressive wow factor for 76 but just a little bit contrived in the context it appears, which pretty much sums up the history of CGI in films really.

  2. If I ever got the spare time to visit Futureworld, I would go watch Westworld again!

    Talking of which, and I'll never blog about it here but, I watched The Man Who Fell to Earth yesterday for the first time in a decade and I still think it's fantastic. I had forgotten how much it informed what my idea of what good Sci-fi should be. Space ships, robots and aliens are very beguiling but one foot in the uncanny is where my heart is I think

  3. That first line sums up the relative merits of those two flicks so perfectly, lol.

    It's been ages since I've seen The Man Who Fell to Earth, the insight in that flick is quite uncomfortable to watch, I think, truly unsettling. I did mean to read the novel after I first saw it, a friend recommended it, but didn't round to it, I'll havta sort that one out I think.

    Yeah the thing about wizzy space ships is that they're bloody brilliant when you see 'em for the first time but once they become a familiar sight you need things like: drama and characters and insight and depth and plot, all sorts of inconveniences like that for film makers to include.

    One thing thing about Future World that I've discovered through your blog is that I find myself with a strange compulsion to assist Blythe Danner with with the awkward process of unfastening her space suit, I suppose you could call that -uncanny-, cos I'm not really a fan too much hairspray.

  4. I did read the book as well and remember liking it. I've also thought about re-reading it again over the last couple of days. Trip up the loft is on the cards I think.