Monday, 3 December 2012

Doctor Who - Enlightenment (1983)

Just when you think you've covered all the spacesuits in Doctor Who, you recollect another really obvious one that remains unblogged.
This 4 episode story from 1983 features immortals so very bored with existence that they've stolen sailing ships from Earth's history and made them space-ready in order to race between the stars.
I rather like this story.  It dares to be different  and offers a visual unlike any other episode of Doctor Who at that time.  Having since read Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time I can see it's inspirations and can only imagine how wilder it could have been had it been made in the previous decade and not the terribly serious 80's.  Still lots to enjoy should you ever stumble across it.


  1. Have you happened to catch this 1970's mystery movie?

    Some brief scenes but really worth checking out for the strange Klaus Kinsky cameo/scifi movie within a movie thingy.

  2. Cheers for that Traveller28. A quick visit to youtube and the first few minutes have given me a taste to see all of that. Interestingly, I had already got pictures in my pending file for Footsteps on the Moon, without really knowing too much more about it than that. I'll ask around my hardcore film buff friends to see if any have a copy.