Sunday, 28 October 2012

Texas Triumphant (1987) Barclay Shaw

A strangely likable bit of artwork by Barclay Shaw for Texas Triumphant, a novel by Daniel Da Cruz.  I would like to tell you the colours are out on the scan and that the Russian spacesuit is actually a nice deep communist red but I had a copy of this book in my hands about an hour ago and that was girly pink too.  Very; Despicable Me.

Lets have a game of spot the pink spacesuit, anyone?


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  1. I think I've got handle of what went awry with the space suit. I pretty sure a red space suit would be impractical in reality, maybe Dave Boorman could get away with it near Jupiter but in LEO it would be a liability. So in the interest of realism the illustrator has made some effort to indicate a shiny or metallic surface, which does work to some extent especially on the glove and left arm. He probably had a problem once his medium, probably acrylic, dried and lost contrast, reducing the effect. Although it must be said that these contrast issues are usually compensated once the image goes to repo.