Friday, 12 October 2012

Space Truckers (1996)


Why have I never seen this? It looks sort of interesting.


  1. Pretty good flic this, the opening introduces the plot's menacing threat in truly unnerving style. I've got the impression that this film was buried upon release but it was at time I didn't get a lot of playtime so I could be wrong. Some have compared it unfavorably to Alien, the influence is apparent but it's not cheesy plagiarism. It reminds me more of O'Bannion's Heavy Metal segment in some ways and I think that's more the thing they were trying to do.

    Give it a go sometime, you'll probably like it, the plot makes sense, there's genuine satire and humour and it's refreshingly free of mawkish sentimentality without being cold. Oh yeah, and it's got Charles Dance in it, who has fantastic role.

  2. The online trailer looked good, I might just throw a few quid at Amazon. What gets me about not seeing it is that I wasn't even aware of it. I knew the name but I never stumbled over a clip, an interview, a magazine feature or a novelisation on a book shelf. You may have a point about it being buried. Did it make it to TV?

    1. It did make the telly at least once cos I taped it when I had a working VHS, I'm sure I've seen it scheduled a few times but not for a while, I don't bother with tv schedules nowadays though so that means nothing. I've not watched it for a while, no functioning VHS, but I don't recall anything controversial that would hinder distribution, you know like some reference to the first gulf war or anything like that. It would be interesting to discover why it suffered during distribution. Maybe it was just a commercial decision, It's different enough for it for it cause a few scratched heads at a media execs screening, "Duh -- this isn't Alien -- where's the complimentary popcorn?" that kind of thing.

  3. I`ve just taken another look at space truckers and there are actually 2 types of suits used in the film,there are the slightly shabby well used looking ones pictured here and brand spanking new ones that we only see right at the end.I also think its not a bad film