Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Space Race (2005)

This is Yuri Gagarin as portrayed in the BBC Docudrama Space Race.  This was a co production between British, German, American and Russian production teams which is interesting because me and blog watcher; DeadSpiderEye are not at all convince by the helmets.  He has suggested that this is in fact a redressed helmet from the BBC's Star Cops (1987) and it might just be.

And this is the Alan Shepard look-a-likey in his not especially look-a-likey helmet and suit.  I don't know from where it came but you some how expect better of the BBC

Cheers for pointing me towards this, DeadSpiderEye.


  1. The gagarin helmet looks a hell of a lot like the one from superman iv/Unidentified Flying Oddball,comparethe 2nd and 3rd gagarin pics with

    1. It does. At some point I'll have to check back over all my own posts and look for similar/same helmets and re-blog