Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Green Hornet - Invasion from Outerspace (1967)

The Green Hornet, episode 25....

Can't get any sharper images than these at the moment but hopefully you can still see that those are the Way... Way Out space suits and helmets.



  1. It must be
    that same suits use in series Invaders, Episode "Moonshot" in 1967
    Here the Way... Way out Suits Helmet were modified and got visor plate.

    1. Have blogged that episode of Invaders in the past and yes I think they are the same suits as well

    2. Yes,they appear to have been rather crudely modified with new opening visors for the In like flint movie that was made in 1967,the last appearance of the modified helmet that I know of was in 1981s Warp speed and the remaining original fixed face plate helmet from Way way out popped up in 1984s The philadelphia experiment,so they were around for a good wee while.