Saturday, 17 September 2016

Blake's 7: Traitor (1981)

That's Forbus from the Blake's 7 episode; Traitor.  He's wearing one of those nifty RAF ventilation suits, that are sometimes a spacesuit, sometimes a Cyberman and sometime nice to dress pop stars in to make a video more interesting.  I think Forbus is one of those crippled evil genius types, so here its being part life-support... which is new.
I quite liked Blake's 7 the first time around although it does get a little painful by the forth season which might be why I don't remember too much about this one or feel particularly inclined to sit through it again.



  1. just litte look bacK to perry rhodan
    here some cover and Illustrations by Johnny Bruck
    yes It's a horse in Spacesuit issue 447
    Illustration by Alfred Kelstner

  2. I have a Blakes 7 image that isn't shown in your links. I tried to email it to your profile but this bounced. Is there another address I can use?

    1. not sure what the problem is, David. will try and sort it. What episode of Blakes seven is it?

    2. I've tried emailing using another account. I believe it is one of the first episodes in Series 1, but I will have to go back and look. It's a blink and you missed it, so I am probably going to have to watch a few episodes.


      You can get it from this link.

    4. Sorry David, link doesn't take me anywhere but I think I may have recalled the suit in question, see latest blog post for image and story