Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Bob Hope Show (1971)

Bob Hope in the "Planet of the Shapes" skit from The Bob Hope Show Season 22, Episode  1, Aired September 1971

And of course that is the Way.. Way Out space suit



  1. This is a very weird pic,the helmet looks to be the same as the ones seem in Escape from planet of the apes,it has the tinted visor[and it even opens which is something I didnt know it could do as the crude hinges that had been added to it after Way way out are no longer visible]and the date seems right as well but heres the thing the suit garment is still the silver oven foil instead of the white it should be,unless the helmets for some reason/purpose we have yet to see or discover were modified before the apes film.We have a mystery here folks and thats why I love this site.

    1. Thank you Tim. You know I had a blog post that was collecting all of these appearances in order...because it was getting complicated. And I think I accidentally deleted it the other night (it was late!) I shall endeavour to recreate it and the investigation shall commence.