Friday, 1 July 2016

Top of the Heap (1972)


 Looks like the suit that first(?) appeared in Earth II before coming here to this.
Afterwards it seemed to go to The Six million Dollar Man and was used in a number of episodes up to 1977.  My feeling is that there will be more appearances.

Thanks Tim for the find and noting the TSMDM appearance.  And to Michel for the Earth II connection. Great work.



  1. Ahh...Earth 2,of course that makes perfect sense.
    One of the things that gives me a chuckle is that in the 3rd pic the us flag is upside down which is supposed to be a message of distress,still it was 1972 in america.One of the things I liked about six million dollar man was that it was one of a handful of movies/shows that used both real suits and prop suits during its run,I suppose because the real suits would only have been loaned out strictly for the duration of the filming of the episode.Damn it is really interesting and a little impressive what spacesuit prop history we have been able to discover because of this site.

  2. Thanks Tim. I have to say, looking back over the six million dollar man posts, that I am impressed by the variety of suits used. As much as I enjoy watching the same suits pop up all over the place I like variety when in the same long running shows. Doctor who is like this as well - all sorts of suits. I haven't watched any SMDM episodes since back in the day. As a kid I had all the dolls, the annuals the board game and even one of the model kits, all now long gone. - sad