Friday, 8 July 2016

Moonwalkers (2015)

In 1969 London, a CIA agent (Ron Perlman) and the manager of a rock band (Rupert Grint) must find a way to fake the moon landing.
I quite fancy this one, might see if I can pick a copy up at the weekend


  1. be aware it's a BELGIUM movie !
    here the RED Band Trailer

    1. Cheers for the warning but I like odd films and I like European films. There's usually a correlation between the two. This makes it even more appealing. If I can't pick up a copy over the weekend then I'll ebay one for the coming week - either way I'll feed back my thoughts.

    2. you gonna love that movie

    3. Well I liked that. Not a great film but a good and enjoyable film. Made me laugh a few times and had some interesting visuals not least being the acid trip with eyeball spacemen. For personal tastes I could have stood it being even odder, more trips, more sixties iconography and a guest appearance from the real Stan K - Yes I know he's dead but a really good looky-likey. Not bad though and worth an hour and half of your time

  2. I like the eyeball helmets,very Dr Who.
    I`ve just found another one you dont have,its the 2015 short film by james schumacher titled The Astronaut
    Also theres a 1972 film with same title its plot basically predates Capricorn One,there is a suit in it but its very difficult to see but I think it could be the Earth II/six million dollar man/Top of the Heap suit and the date would be about right as well....I just managed to find a half decent pic and I`m pretty convinced,see what you think
    And heres an interesting one Mythbuster Adam Savage visits the Stanley Kubrick exhibition