Sunday, 24 July 2016

Beyond the Stars (1989)


Beyond the Stars, a little film that both me and Tim (Tim seeks out new stuff for the completeness of the blog) have never heard of until now.  I suspect that anyone tapping that name into a search engine is going to hit stuff like this ...
and this ...
Which is the bountiful Sybil Danning from Battle Beyond the Stars who is far more distracting than is right and proper and certainly more so than some film with Martin Sheen and Christian Slater in it. 

Or so it would seem... but then that's the internet for you.  Which in theory means that now I've put those pictures there, then the  magic of St Exmin will work in reverse!

Did I ever mention that Saturn 3 is my most viewed post with double the hits of any other....and that has nothing to do with the film or the spacesuits.




  1. that Movie "Beyond the Stars" is better known under title "Moon Trek"

    an on Saturn 3 post ;)
    we (the blog reader) need more space babes...

  2. Thanks for the info.

    In regard to space babes - I try very hard and make up feeble reasons to justify their inclusion. I will now try even harder :)