Monday, 4 July 2016

Captain America by Jack Kirby (1976)



  1. Jack "king" Kirby!,the man was/is a legend in the comics industry,without him there would be no marvel comics he also did a short lived 2001 a space odyssey comic for marvel back in 76/77 which I`m sure would have spacesuits in it....and I`ve just found a pic of the cover of the 1st issue and it has kirby doing the iconic 2001 helmet
    While I was looking I also found this its another comic adaption of 2001 from a Howard Johnson's kids' menu,it actually doesnt look half bad and it also features the iconic suits
    In the second link it has a cover by kirby from a 1958 book called Race for the moon which has a guy in a suit in lunar orbit,the suit reminds me of the Destination Moon type.
    The second site looks to be very,very interesting and appears to have a lot of cool stuff with things like this:
    Heres the covers for the Race for the moon comic
    So once again we have discovered some completely new things

    1. cheers Tim. could have sworn I covered Kirby's 2001 but I seem not to have - I'll correct that and check out the other links above