Friday, 27 June 2014

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Journey with Fear" (1967)

Journey with Fear is the 4th episode from the 4th season of the long running American TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. (1964 to 1968), an underwater adventure series not averse to dealing with an outer space plot or two. 

Aliens snatch a manned space probe launched from Seaview with Chip Morton aboard, and transport it at the speed of light to their observation post on the rocky, unstable surface of Venus
Here you will notice the very same spacesuits as first seen in Way... Way Out (1966) which then went on to feature in various other films and a variety of other TV shows.  Follow the Way Out Spacesuit label below to be truly amazed at where this suit winds up.

.....go on then... off you trot



  1. Voyage to the bottom of the sea is a bit of a strange production, some of it's quite reasonable but even watching it as a kid, I go tired of the rubber aliens and sea monsters real quick. They also had a -taking damage- scene every bloody week, which entailed, titanium sparks, camera shakes and lurching about the set. There were some excellent model shots though, it's a shame they kept using the same ones, instead of spending the the budged getting some "giant" diver to shake the Seaview around every other week. There were some pretty good characters too, Admiral Nelson keeping the crew together, Kowalski the surly but sterling seaman and irascible Chief Sharkey, Captain Crane was a bit of nance though. They also had plenty of cool, service issue Colt 1911's which would pop out at the merest excuse, Richard Basehart would pull one out of the draw any time he heard an unexpected knock on the door. Blam, "Take that you inexplicably bullet proof monster from another dimension--oh what's that? It's The Secretary of Defense on an unannounced tour of inspection -- oops."

    1. Pretty much sums up my memories, to. However I do love a submarine fiction and that was one good looking sub with added little flying yellow sub. Good theme tune as well. Still, I haven't seen it anytime since so who knows what several decades will do to my tastes.

  2. And they keep using props from other Fox Productions. The spacesuits Chip and Wilson are using are from Jerry Lewis Way Way Out. The Space Capsule is from In like Flint. And the space capsule interior is also a set reused from Jerry lunar movie