Saturday, 21 June 2014

Doctor Who (2014) Behind the Scenes

A visual teaser of things to come from the new autumn season of  Doctor Who.
As of this moment, I've no story details what so ever for these behind the scenes images.  There's Pete Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and other in those familiar orange spacesuits worn in previous Dr Who stories; such as The Satan Pit, Waters of Mars and Hide, but there is also a very nice new pale blue suit which looks rather effective.

Not long to go now and getting very excited about it all



  1. I never would have guessed before your blog that Dr. Who, both NewWho and ClassicWho, has so many spacesuits! Nice job!

    1. Thanks. I was sort of in the same place myself in thinking there's a lot of Dr Who and but virtually no spacesuits but then when you get into looking a bit closer and in unexpected stories like Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Face of Evil, etc there they are.