Sunday, 22 June 2014

Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov (1987) cover art by Michael Whelan

For William, a fellow appreciator of Michael Whelan



  1. Oh! You made my day! This is my favorite Michael Whelan Asimov cover of all time!
    The mystery and the power of the this image made this one of the finest covers of the 1980's sci-fi paperbacks for me. I've longed for this art cover as an art print since I first saw this in 1987...damn, I'm getting old!
    The spacesuit remains me heavily of the American spacesuit from 1984's 2010: the Year We Make Contact.
    Once again, the talent of Michael Whelan cannot be doubted.

  2. You're more than welcome.
    In an unrelated note, how do you feel about this:

    I loved the original and this looks suitably different to make another one worth doing.

  3. This could very cool, the "The Objective" or "Battle: LA" feel. I will rent it, and I think I will review for FWS. Thanks for the heads up.