Thursday, 12 June 2014

Starcrash (1978) A Gallery

A small but very sexy gallery featuring The Hoff and the lovely Ms Munro in a see-through space suit.  Enjoy.

It's all about the spacesuits, I swear.  If it wasn't then I would have filled the blog up with images like this...
...but that's not who we are over here at Say; Hello Spaceman.  Although technically that's spacesuit underwear for which I might start a new label.


  1. I wonder how many shellac beetles it took to produce the goods for Hoff's hairspray. Anyway I'm off to buy a bottle of Lamb's navy rum and drown the sorrows spawned by the distance between myself and Caroline, a testament to power advertising on the weak minded, I think.

    1. I might join you. Maybe we can bum a silk cut off of John Bird