Friday, 1 March 2013

Moon Zero Two (1969) - The Other Spacesuits

Here they are; the other spacesuits used in the 1969 film, Moon Zero Two.  I've blogged a lot about the main spacesuits, you know, the really cool ones.  These however are not they.
There's still plenty to like about them I suppose; The bright colours, their rubbery fetish look - if you like that kind of thing - and the fact that they allow the actors the freedom to have a proper on the moon punch up and shoot out. - which is probably why they switched design for this section of the story.  Enjoy the rest of the pretty pictures.



  1. Those helmets are very like the various "space-age" tv designs of the late 60's and early 70's. There were several spherical sets available back then--I'm sure you've seen them. If you do a google image search of "space age tv" a bunch of very cool examples come up! :)

  2. I decided that I've gotta see this film, the only time I recall watching any of it was on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I think there was a girl around at the time so it lost out to other distractions. So I had a look round for the DVD, which I thought I cold pick up for a fiver, no such luck, it seems it's a rarity some of them are going for over £50.

  3. Bloody Heckers like! I waited a long time and eventually got a copy for about £15, three'ish years ago. That same copy - a double bill with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - is now £70 on Amazon.

    Mucking about with girls on a Sunday afternoon wins everytime - You made the right decision

  4. I love that they're using (apparently) regular old guns on the moon. That's b-movie logic--they need spacesuits because there's no air, yet somehow gunpowder still burns!