Friday, 22 March 2013

Laverne & Shirley - Lost in Spacesuits (1982)

From season 8 (blimey) of the long running American comedy series; Laverne &Shirley.  This episode sees Laverne at the mercy of an anti-gravity (space) suit.
Farley certain that is the same space helmet as worn by Star Wars IV's Dans Borin in 1977, having started life in Men into Space 1959, The Phantom Planet 1961. 



  1. Where on Earth did you find this?? So bizarre. Did you guys even get this show over in the UK? I either forgot or (more likely) blocked out exactly how long this thing ran. It was a spinoff of Happy Days, which of course starred Ron Howard whom we all know from his celebrated second career as a director and producer. I find it hard to believe that I actually watched both of these shows back then, but I did. I apparently had very bad taste as a child...but then it was ths 70's. Didn't everybody?

  2. Yeah we had this. Not sure we got all 8 seasons though. Also can't remember what time slot it went out in. maybe in the six week school summer holidays? Love the theme tune. Quite fancied Shirley but that might have been in response to being deeply irritated by Laverne. Happy Days for girls was my thoughts back then I think.