Monday, 25 February 2013

Something for the Weekend 10

Ok, so I know it's not actually the weekend any more but it was only ever an expression in the first place and what I've found here is a little bit rare and unusual and therefore couldn't possibly wait a moment longer.  Beautiful is it not?
That there image of a Spacemaid (half spacesuit half woman) is, unless I'm very much mistaken, one; Amber Dean Smith. Penthouse Pet of the Year 1966 ...for whatever that's worth in these more enlightened times!

Of course she's posing on the set of Moon Zero Two, the Hammer space western from 1969.  And why wouldn't she be, she was after all in the film as one of J.J. Hubbard's girls, along with Simone Silvera.  Here's the two of them together in an actual image from the movie.
Well Amber and Simone, being models and not actresses procured some further work on and around the set of the film doing photo shoots for any number of products in just about every available outfit, including both versions of the spacesuits.
Now I think that's all kinds of interesting from a commercial point of view as well as simply being rather lovely to look at.  Of course if you want to see more of what they got up to on set after hours you'll have to go off and search the interweb to find the other stills for yourself.  As you'll be well aware, this blog is all about the cultural history of the spacesuit and not about anything else.
Thanks girls.  You were great.


  1. You had me at Penthouse...:)
    It is interesting that during the apex of the space race, that space travel themes were part of our culture. Can you imagine a rap video with a space theme....hmmm...

    1. I remember when we used to dream of space. And I miss that we don't dream so big anymore. We used to imagine where humanity might be in a hundred years time but now we seem pretty happy to just contemplate the next new phone app.
      I do think we'll get back to that eventually though, we've just had a lapse of faith and gotten distracted by stuff.

  2. I think the Curiosity rover has gone a long way to reignite interest in space exploration. It's nowhere near where it was during the height of the space race, of course, but I think we're on a slow, steady upswing. Once the U.S. decides to get serious about a manned Mars mission I think the public's imagination will be reignited on a massive scale.