Sunday, 24 February 2013

Something for the Weekend 9

Stacy Dorning as Zova in the 1976 episode of Space 1999



  1. She quite strongly resembles a woman I dated on and off many years ago--my "one that got away" if you will. Of course I never put red magic marker spots on her head, but we did lots of, um...other stuff.

  2. I'm particularly proud of Koenig in this episode, he shows his leadership strongly when rejects the pleas of his colleagues to let the aliens land. It's a case of: look just cos they're attractive and posses a certain facile charm don't go getting carried away, if they had latex skin and eyes the size of billiard balls, like they will in series two, you'd be telling me to lazer them.

  3. Its been so many years since I watched these and haven't yet got round to coughing up for the DVD's. I did watch Dragons Domain on YouTube a couple of weeks ago because it left a mental scar the first time round. Still very good although YT is no way to watch these things really.

    Thanks for the thoughts, both.

    1. I wasn't that keen when I first saw it, thought it was a bit dull, we didn't get it until quite late because the trouble with the UK network not picking it up and we didn't get series 2 at all. I've grown to appreciate it quite a bit now though, I think this one is actually from the second series and though I joked about the latex suits it does have some decent episodes and the occasional nice crumpet too of course.

    2. I was lucky enough to be in the ATV region as a kid and we seem to have got first play on most of these things. The only one we never got at all was Star Maidens - which took me years to discover although it may not really have been worth the wait.

      Marvelous use of the term;Crumpet, too. Been a while, I might bandy it around work tomorrow and see If I can get it to catch on again.