Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Tomorrow People - Series Two - The Doomsday Men (1974)

We've already talked about The Tomorrow People series two and about how not very good it was to begin with and how it got slowly worse as each story followed the next.  And it's all true except that there is a bit of a treat lurking in among those final four episodes.
The Doomsday Men is about a military cult that intend to stop a peace treaty being signed by taking over a nuclear space platform and threatening the world with destruction unless the world's leaders do what they want.
Just prior to all that taking place, one of the crew of the Damocles is cut adrift while working spaceside and is doomed to a cold death but for the intervention of  The Tomorrow People who decide to stage their top secret rescue mission by jaunting into a big old white van.
Anyway what happens next is that I suddenly get a little excited because I realise that what we're looking at here is one of the spacesuits from Gerry Anderson's UFO series.
Now I've already explained in previous posts that these suits guest-star in a number of other TV shows throughout the 70's but this appearance was a new one on me and helped me make it through to the last episode of this dreary, stupid story
It was also quite funny to hear John, leader of the T-Peeps, refer to the spacesuit as old fashioned in one episode.  Really?  Well it certainly wasn't as cutting edge and modern as that rust-bucket of an old van you were cruising the upper atmosphere in earlier!
So there you go.  Another little outing for one of the coolest spacesuits there ever was and I feel sure there must be even more yet to be covered.  Well I know there's at least one more because that's what the next post is going to be about.  We're heading to the Moon in search of rabbits!


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