Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Tomorrow People - Series Two (1974)

The second series of The Tomorrow People ran from February to May 1974, and consisted of three stories spread over thirteen episodes.  They're all written by Roger Price and while he might come up with a good story idea he just can't do the dialogue or maintain character or plot logic.  What I'm saying here is, as somebody who's working their way through the DVD box set, that this is slow and painful going.
I've often wondered if my enjoyment of watching old Doctor Who episodes is because its comfortably nostalgic and reminds me of being a kid.  If that's the case for the BBC show then it should also be true of the ITV one but alas its just not.  The adventures of the good Doctor are timelessly entertaining because by and large they are well written and populated by actors who can.  The Tomorrow People by and large is the polar oposit and even the story I remember the most fondly; The Blue and the Green, just falls apart over its five episodes.  The rest of series two then get worse.  And what I'm really saying here is that it might be quite a long time before I build up the courages to sit through series three.
And so to the new revamped AE suits which feature in this series.  I quite like them as it goes.
Despite the motorbike'ness of the helmets they have a style about them that is their own.  Gone is the shiny silver of the first series to be replaced with a less showy blue/grey fabric. I also like the tubing and the backpacks and even though they're probably made on the cheap like eveything else about this series, the consistancy between the elements even makes the helmet seem a part of the whole.  Well done who ever that costume designer was but for their contribution, there would be nothing positive to say.
And that's about it really...... except  for.... well... just wait for the next post and see.


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