Thursday, 2 June 2011

Look-In #31 (1973)

I've mentioned Look-In before so I won't repeat myself  by explaining what it was - Click the label below for details - but here we have another fine cover and this time it's painted artwork, which is how I remember them always being even if that wasn't actually the case.
Pictured above is the series 1 cast of The Tomorrow People resplendent in their AE suits to celebrate the launch of the show's comicstrip within its pages.  If I've got my maths right this came out about the same time as the final episode aired and must have filled the void between that and series 2.

Look-In had been a good friend to the children's show by running a preview feature in issue 18, the week before the series began its first TV transmission.  They've also been a good friend here by visually stretching the show's budget to suggest that there was actually a spacesuit for every member of the team.  To the best of my knowledge, inhibited by his questionable acting abilities, the little chap that played Kenny, rarely got out of the underground base let alone all the way into outer space.


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